LG Soundbar Remote Control Codes

 If you have an LG Sound Bar and want to control it with a Universal remote control, Cable remote, or SAT remote, we have the codes needed. An LG soundbar can be controlled with just about any universal remote control if you have the correct programming guide and the correct remote codes for the sound bar. If the codes below do not work with your LG sound bar, please leave a comment below with the complete model number of your remote control and model number of your LG soundbar and we will find you the correct remote code.

LG Sound Bar

LG Soundbar 4 Digit Remote Control Codes:


LG Soundbar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:



NOTE: Some soundbars can be programmed to accept other IR commands to control them.

Apply the TV volume IR into the LG Soundbar. OR… Use AUX mode on your CABLE/SAT remote to control the sound bar as the newer remotes will accept the codes under the AUX mode.

Use the 993 code to make the AUX Volume mode control the LG sound bar.
Unlock the volume with the 993 code and the Comcast remote will then control the volume via the soundbar and not the TV.

LG SOUNDBAR remote control codes – All Models

All codes reported working with LG Soundbar models: NB2022A, NB4530, LSB316 Soundbar, NB3510A, NB3532A, NB3520A, NB3530A, NB2540, NBN36 280 watt, LG 300W, LAS454B, LSB 316 Sound Bar with wireless Subwoofer, etc.

These remote codes have been tested with the following remote controls: Comcast remotes, Xfinity X1 remote, Xfinity XR2 remote, Xfinity XR5 remote, DirecTV RC7X, DirecTV RC73 remote, Time Warner Cable UR5U-878OL, Direct TV remote RC65RX, U-verse remote, U-verse remote S10-S4, AT&T remote, etc.

Using Xfinity?

The silver remote with the RED OK button will work with the remote codes above – The gray remote with the RED OK button is considered legacy equipment, therefore there are no new remotes with updated codes.


Perform a code search by volume – with soundbar on – volume up – but muted.

  1. Use AV1 or AV2.
  2. Press and keep holding MUTE and SELECT.
  3. It will blink 2 times then release.
  4. Enter 9 9 1 on the remote.
  5. Enter 3 on your remote.
  6. Press and then release SELECT or VOL UP (test to see which exact button on your remote works).
  7.  Point your remote control at the soundbar and keep pressing and releasing CHANNEL UP.
  8. Once the volume changes you need to press SELECT to lock in the code.

(If the DirecTV remote does not turn the soundbar ON or OFF, use the middle PWR key in the AV1 or AV2 device as this will control a Soundbar.)

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