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How Can Tracing Be Increased for the Siebel Object Manager?

generate a more detailed log file to assist in troubleshooting any Siebel Object Manager (OM) related behaviors. Increasing the event logging will provide information about the individual processes and steps that are part of that task. This information is especially useful when debugging performance, hang, memory leak, or crash behaviors.   NOTE: When you increase the Object Manager event logging levels, the log files will grow larger and require more disk space.

Is it possible to kill a session at the Database layer? Will the Siebel session be terminated?

he session can be killed at the Database layer, however the Siebel object manager's DB Connector will automatically perform a session reconnect :

Here is the session from Oracle's v$session table :

The columns are; logon_time, username, sid, serial#, osuser, program, process

02/26/2014 22:29:30 SADMIN 54 173 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM siebmtshmw.exe 5496:6032

Kill this session :

SQL> alter system kill session '54,173,@1' immediate;

System altered.

Siebel SpellCheck Highlights the Wrong Text

Spell check functionality is not working properly. When invoking the Spell Check, it highlights the wrong text.

Spell Check is highlighting the wrong text, and we notice a partial highlight.

If a word with an incorrect spelling is encountered , the spell checker should highlight the complete word.


Siebel Spell Check Functionality Escapes HTML Tags

Spell check functionality changes HTML to jumbled text

The Spell Check is on many pages and if HTML tag are inserted, Spell Check functionality escapes HTML tags.

This has been tested in Message Catalog (Main Menu > PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > Message Catalog):

If you enter:
Text: Test Message Catalog
Converted to: Test Message Catalog

IE Back Button Error On Search Screen Cause Screen Freeze

Siebel CRM After executing a search from within a Screen Home Page view and going back via IE Back button, a script error occurs and siebel screen freezes only way to recover is to log out from siebel and log back in.

Error Message:
Message: Object doesn't support this property or method

By following these steps the issue can be reproduced:

Why Are User Preferences Not Migrated After Upgrade From Siebel 7.x to 8.x?

In Siebel version 7.x and higher, saved user preferences such as columns displayed and column size settings are stored by the Siebel application in .spf User Preference files.

 For users on Siebel Mobile or Siebel Dedicated Web Clients, User Preference files are saved by default on the local client machine in the SIEBEL_CLIENT_ROOT\bin directory.

 For users on Siebel Web Clients, User Preference files are saved in the "userpref" subdirectory of the Siebel File System.

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