Databricks vs Snowflake

Databricks and Snowflake are both commonly utilized technologies for data management and analytics, but despite their superficial similarities, there exist a number of fundamental distinctions that set them apart.

Best free VPN of 2023 fresh review

More and more people are confused if their free VPN is trustworthy, how do an average user decide if a free VPN service is really free or or its just a hoax. most of the people who use VPN service respect thier privacy and don't want any one to watch behind their shoulder. VPN Market is full of paid services starting from $10 to over $100 based on the security level they offer.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Search Engine Review

Do you think every thing you search is being watched and what ever your thinking is being leaked to advertisers and thye are putting advertisemtns on any website you go. some times may be you want to see related stuff, and other time you may want to keep the thing private and don't want your search queries being leaked to advertisers to advertise their product every where.

HBO Max Ultimate Guide to Movies, Shows and Streaming Plans

HBO Max has come a long way from the humble beginnings in May of 2020 in US. HBO Max is a streaming service of Warner Bros an attempt to get a piece of the streaming market as cable market is in steep decline and no one is buying cable anymore. Discovery Warner Bros had to do pivot their business model. Enter HBO Max streaming platform, has seen a considerable growth in the past 2 and half years. Pandamic has helped almost all streaming services especially HBO.

PS5 restock live updates: buy a PlayStation 5 in 2023

PS5 restock update : PS5 instock today in the US and UK

PS5 restock is available right now across US and UK in multiple bundles, you can head over to Best Buy, Walmart, Target and gamestop. Most of the chain retailers have the PS5 in stock most common bundle is God of War: Ragnarok, FIFA 23, some places have DualSense controllers available. Keep reading for all the latest updates on ps5 restock.

How to sign up Disney Plus, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar

Disney Plus has one of the largest library to cater wide range of audience from children to adults, Amost every one in your home has something to watch, no wonder Disney plus is the fastest growing streaming service not just in US and World wide. In some countries Disney Plus comes as a bundel with Hot Start. Along with Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, you get to watch 20th Century Fox movies as well.

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